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AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE A DEMIGOD PARTY: a fanmix in celebration to 3 years! | listen

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drunk-in-soberness asked: Happy birthday pjo roleplay (/^^)/*** even though I'm only here for like 3 months, I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally enjoy it rping here and yeah (and here you see a speechless ral, a rare specimen, only noticeable when there's a very important moment and she doesn't know how to express her gratitude and love for all the peeps she's met and will meet) (bc they are all lovely, she's sure) to the three years that passed and all the years that hopely will come ^^
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wholly-oracular asked: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLINGS


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(again haha) Happy 3rd birthday, RP! 

Here’s a gift for you~ 

- Johanne/Sammy

note: drawings/images that were used aren’t mind. credits to rightful owners.

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Songs I remember jamming to with the crowd of PJRP

Happy anniversary, guys, keep rockin’! Or, you know… pop’in.

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When the dust has finally fallen and both camps seem to be enjoying from the after-war peace, something wicked lurks on the borders and minds of demigods. With the doors of death open still, Eris, goddess of Discord, found in the great heroes of old and Lyssa, the goddess of raging madness herself the help she needed in order to wreck havoc. Nowhere is safe, for the goddesses have spies, eyes and ears everywhere. But the hunger for power and mischief doesn’t end, and the goddesses look for their courageous rebels, responsible for holding back those demigods who feel like getting in their way,  giving time for the heroes of old to have their revenge.

Both camps now must  unite and resist the whispers of war, and send their bravest campers to stop the war that’s coming.


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Anonymous asked: is Harmonia open?

Yes anon, she is!

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9-stones asked: If Dionysus (a Greek God) were to father a child, would that child be a demigod?

Of course, you sort of answered that question yourself! ;)

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Anonymous asked: arg... urm.. well I don't actually know... I meant to say a character I want to apply for but I didn't know how to put it into words :)... hehe, oops!

Oh, alright, that makes more sense! Anyway sure, go ahead! Just make sure to not apply as a seventeen year-old dude with him as FC, it wouldn’t be too convincing :9

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Anonymous asked: has anyone claimed Jared Padalecki? I have a great idea for one of your characters for him!

No, nobody has him so far. What do you mean by “one of our characters”, though?

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