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okay guys i’m sorry but i’m not sure what to do about the recommendation letters/cohort stuff. So I mean, carry on sending them in if you need to, but I’m not sure what’s happening with them so I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting a while for a response. 

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oliver ryan, son of mercury // original character // 15 years old // fc: brenton thwaites // 


born and raised in apollo bay, a small town located on australia’s notable great ocean road, ollie spends his time blindly picking subjects he’d like to do for his vce next year, (unsuccessfully) chatting up girls, going surfing even when it’s so cold his appendages feel like they’re going to freeze up and fall off the minute he’s in the water, helping his mum and aunt out with their bed & breakfast, and picking up some shifts at the local supermarket because he’s saving up for a new wettie—typical surf coast life.

so when a random tourist with extremely hairy legs corners him one afternoon and says “you’re a demigod, oliver,” his reaction is, naturally, “okay, i don’t know what kind of pot you’re smoking, but i think you need to lay off it, mate.”

however, it turns out that mercury the planet was actually named after mercury the god—“you complete and utter fuckwit"—and mercury doesn’t like to be bound by state lines or oceans. and so basically, ollie’s existence stems from the fact his mother banged the brains out of a roman god. however, the roman god mercury is apparently american, and so ollie has to head over to his father’s home base because apparently monsters want to kill him and probably eat his dick for breakfast even though he’s never seen one in his life. sweet.

there are three perks to this whole shebang, though:

one: the camp’s in california, which must mean awesome beaches (yeah, so what, he’s watched some of the o.c. while he chucked a sickie one time. it wasn’t like there was anything on);

two: the camp requires year round attendance, so goodbye vce (his teachers had all questioned his dumb subject selection anyway);

three: there are going to be a bunch of girls around who are half goddess, who didn’t know him while he was a foetus, and will probably think he’s an exotic breed. incentive to bulk up and look banging with a sword in hand? he thinks so.

(it’s long so have a read more aint i nice) 

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2.0 aha

Character’s name; Apollo the sexy and fab

Reason; It was fun while it lasted, but I always feel awkward when I rp him. Basically, he’s a cocky and fabulous asshole, and he’s so unlike me, I’m not doing him justice. I’m not good enough to play him so I’m just gonna let him go.

Will you be coming back? Not as him, nope.

Any messages before you leave? He’s gonna miss his babies and future babies-in-law hello  and yeah. Stay hot like the sun and stuff.


aww no but this is all totally understandable. You shall be greatly missed as the oh hot one! 

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percyjacksonroleplay-questboard asked: Greetings from the quest board staff! I see we have new people coming in! We would appreciate if our dear administrative friends would spread the news that the quest board does indeed exist!

hello friends go check out the cool quest board full of awesome life threatening activities!!!!

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thaliaxgrace asked: hey, okay then please reserve taissa farmiga and emma roberts + a spot in the ares cabin. also can there be children of thanatos at camp?

can certainly do my dear. and yeah i believe so. 

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Character’s Name: Alvar Gilbert Adevar
Novel Character or Original: Original
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Sancus
Person being used to portray this character: David Lambert
Brief history or personality description of your character (if OC): 

Alvar has always been a difficult child. When others said he was rude, he would simply say that he was just telling the truth. And the thing is, he was actually telling the truth, because that’s the only thing he can say. He’ll never lie, he literally can’t lie without being in immense pain, so he says the truth all the time. Even the ugly truth, especially the ugly truth.

He knows when you’re lying, and often he can also see the truth that you’re supposed to be saying. He doesn’t only speak the truth, he also sees it. Secrets unravel in front of him, double personalities melt. He doesn’t tolerate lying, at all. The first li, he’ll let it go, and tell the person that he sees through lies. If they keep on lying then, they’re officially head in Alvar’s book. Seeing as almost everyone lies, sometimes even without noticing, Alvar hates most of his acquaintances.

He has a huge problem with idioms and figures of speech, because he takes everything literally in his head, and most idioms sound ridiculous when taken literally, and in Alvar’s eyes, they’re lies.  He doesn’t read or listen to music because of that, because too many lies make his head hurt.

He is incredibly proud, and very stubborn. If he believes something, that’s his truth then, and if someone’s truth is not his truth, they’re lying for him. He’s also the most trustful person you’ll ever meet. His father’s also the god of oaths and trust, so he won’t ever break an oaths or someone’s trust. He’d rather die, seriously.

He tries not to be too cocky and slap the truth in their faces, because he noticed that people really don’t like it when he answers his own question about them. He often knows the answer already when he asks something, but he asks them nonetheless, because life is more enjoyable when not everyone hates you with a blinding passion and finds you a know-it-all. 

(Very long have a read more)

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