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Anonymous asked: How many admins are on this rp?

right at this very minute there is 2! but please bare with us because we’re in the process of sorting it out so there’s someone around to check more regularly. Until then i promise the ask box with be checked/cleared at least 2 a week okay okay thank you

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Anonymous asked: Where's the roleplay place?

Do you mean like location? Because the location is 

Camp Half Blood- Long Island Sound, USA

Capm Jupiter- San Francisco Bay, USA

but if you mean like in correspondence with the books then I’m not too sure, we don’t follow the books plot persay, but we acknowlegde what’s happened/happening. I guess we’re sort of after the BoO? But someone might disagree so it’s open to discusion if you mean that. 

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Willow Dean

Character Name: Willow Dean

Novel Character or Original: orginal

Age: 14

Godly Parent: Apollo

Person being used to portray this character: Dove Cameron

  1. Give me a para sample of who you RP: (required 20 lines minimum for OCs, 30 lines minimum for canon characters. For more info, check :this: post)

Willow grew up with her  mother and her adoptive brother, Josh. Her fmother was a lawyer and always told her daughter that her 
Fatherr died of cancer. She was pretty sheltered growing up, which she didn’t really mind. She usually got lost in poetry books, oblivious to all the things happening in the outside world. She would always go on “adventures” with her brother (mostly just them going for a walk through the woods that were nearby). Her mother remarried when she was thirteen and that’s when thinks turned for the worst. The man she married was nice enough, but once they married, her motherr spent less and less times with her children. Willow never liked the idea of monsters. Always claiming there to be under her bed. But finding out they were actually very real terrified her.


Hi there! Okay so there’s a few issues with this, the first is that we’re missing the history/personality part and second is that the para is too short! So if you could just resend it with the missing parts that would be lovely thank you!! 

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Character’s Name: Aydana Townsend
Novel Character or Original: Original
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Hestia
Person being used to portray this character: Regina Spektor

Family: Martyn Townsend - father, Olivia Hughes - Stepmother, Jake and Finley Hughes - stepbrothers and twin sons of Hephaestus.

Personality: Anya in rebellious and goes against all her mother’ values, having a various string of boyfriends. She comes across as mean at first because she’s incredibly shy and has anxiety issues when meeting new people. She’s the class clown at first glance and many people think she’s cool. They view her as being one of the ‘bad boys’ and never playing by the rules. When she’s in fact the exact opposite. When she’s on her own or with her close friends, she ditches the leather jacket and gloves and reveals her true personality, a insecure Scottish girl who is a massive nerd and simply misses her home. Though she is more of a Tom boy than a girly girl and when you get to know her extremely well you will find that she is incredibly kind, gentle, humble and modest - sticking by her mother’s values deep down. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and will not stop at anything to make her opinion known (even if it the wrong opinion!)

Biography: Aydana was born from the hearth of Olypmus and delivered down to her father in Scotland. Her father was a charity worker/social worker. So he was forever raising money to help families and liked helping children find parents. He had a good values and knew that family was more important than other things. He became quite well known throughout the world because of the amount of money he raised (started from when he was a young boy.) Hestia watched this man from afar and noticed that he was actually very lonely when he went home in the evenings. He had no proper family to call his own (despite working with children everyday.) He was extremely selfless and never putting himself first. So Hestia thought ‘Hey! Why not send this guy a gift to reward him for all his hardwork.’ So she fashioned a baby out of the hearth of Olympus and used some of the man’s sweat and sent this baby down to Earth. She left the baby on the man’s doorstep and he took the screaming baby in. He became very fond of this baby and adopted her, hence he now had a daughter! It was startling at how much this baby looked like him. He called her Aydana, meaning fire. When Aydana was four years old her father met a American woman when he was on a trip to America. The pair stayed in touch and had a long distance relationship for about three and a half years before deciding he wanted to marry this woman - which he did. This woman also had twin boys, both sons of the fire god. The daughter of Hestia found these two boys super annoying but couldn’t help but love them. So at the age of seven Hestia’s daughter and her father moved to America to live with her stepmother and stepbrothers. Then at the age of the twelve she was sent to camp half blood by a satyr and her two brothers tagged along.


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Character’s Name: Pamela Creswell
Novel Character or Original: Original
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Legacy of Bacchus
Person being used to portray this character: Katie Findlay

Brief history or personality description of your character (if OC):

Pamela grew up on San Francisco with her father, a wealthy man, son of Bacchus, who would always fight to defend his family and get in meetings just in time. Because of that she has been almost everywhere in the U.S. But she is not your typical rich girl, Kardashian-like. She is more of a tomboy. She liked running and splashing mud, and hang out with boys, laugh at girls who would wear too much makeup. But she can be girly sometimes. She likes wearing dresses. She loves multi-colored lipsticks. She likes her hair looking good. It doesn’t mean she will avoid doing some real work just not to ruin her nails.

Give me a para sample of who you RP: 

Climbing trees was never hard to Pamela Creswell, 16, a strange yet rich girl who only hung out with boys but never kissed any of them. Any of her friends, I mean. Of course she had a few boyfriends, but nothing too serious. Even boys could be very annoying at times. Most of times they annoyed her by being too self-centered, and all the charm would fade, and Pam would simply pick up her things and leave.

That afternoon, on the day she returned to Camp Jupiter, she decided to climb one of the few trees she found. Climbing branch after branch, she stopped by the last firm one she could find. There she admired the sunset and its colors: orange, pink, yellow and even red. She thought of all the things she liked. She thought of boyish clothes, chocolate fondue, multicolored lipsticks, running around, food wars, the smell of freshly picked lemon, and peanut butter and strawberry jam. She thought of how much she liked living in Camp Jupiter, where no one even imagined she was the daughter of a rich businessman who would often travel with her around the States, but for once left his daughter on a camp to learn how to defend herself. She could be whoever she wanted there, and nobody cared. The camp was too big for that kind of gossip.

She remembered the day she was at the Wolf House, training with Lupa. At the end of the day she was covered in bruises and scars, and yet had to find the camp on her own. But she was happy because she knew she could do it. She was persistent and determined, and was helped by a friendly camper as she reached the tunnel, and he helped her cross the river. It was difficult; Pam’s muscles no longer could swim, but she kept on going, and gods know how she reached the other side. She carried a few things on her backpack: her giraffe plushie, a recommendation letter given by her father, son or Bacchus, fourth cohort, six years serving the legion.

“Hey, what are you doing up there?” a slightly annoying voice yelled up to her. Terminus, the half-statue god that annoyed Pam, but she liked to annoy him just as much. She looked down, smiled and waved.

“Hey, Michelangelo! I’m just lounging!”

If the god could strangle her, he would. But he limited himself to just frown.

“Get off of there! I do not want any camper thinking they may simply escalate things around here. I demand order!”

“Relax, little head. I’m almost there!”

She climbed down, walked to the statue, and planted a kiss on his forehead, leaving a pink lipstick mark on the stone. The god shouted several swear words in Latin, but Pam had already left, laughing a little too loud. Little did she know things could change as fast as a lightning.


Hello! First of all, sorry about the wait, life is busy! Second of all, I REALLY LIKE PAM OHMYGOSH!! She sounds like a super cool girl with a lot of potential for plots and stuff, but by the sound of my last sentence you have a lot in mind already! So that’s exciting to see! Just send in her url and you’re good to go!! 

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Hiatus Sheet

Characters: Lily, Phaedra, Maya, Jess.

How long will you be gone? : It’s like a semi-hiatus. I’ll be online, just not that often. Four weeks for now.

Reason: I need to focus on school and sort out my life for a bit. 

(also hi yes rosie you’re doing a great job as admin someone has to tell you that so yes i love you mwah)


ah yes the dreaded school! also sorting out ones life is a good thing as well! Let us know if you need any life help! (and aw aw chantal thank you bby ily)

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there’s two apps that i swear i shall answer tomorrow!!

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Deactivation sheet
Character’s name: Nathan Wilde
Reason: He’s too old now. (I’m pretty sure he’s 20 now, so.)
Will you be coming back? (Y/N) I’ll be around, you know.
Any messages before you leave? You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Goat.


awww such sadness!!! but you’re right, Nathan’s time to leave has arrived and it’s time for him to go out and worry other people for a while, though i’m sure he’ll be missed!! 

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Deactivation sheet

Character’s name: Nyx, Piper
Reason: I haven’t played them for a while… It’s time to let them go. I loved them, really. They’re gonna be in my heart forever, but now it’s time to let someone better than me have them.
Will you be coming back? (Y/N)
Any messages before you leave? Mama Nyx sends you chicken love.


aw man! but sometimes things just come to an end, it’s been great having you RP them for so long i’m sure you’re gonna be missed!!! 

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alexiamarieadam asked: hi rosie, can you put xia, liam, charlie and sarah on hiatus? There`s a lot of family drama going on and I`m just trying to deal. So for not ruining them, I'll just put them on hiatus

couse i can sweetheart. always here if you need to talk or anything :))

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