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9-stones asked: If Dionysus (a Greek God) were to father a child, would that child be a demigod?

Of course, you sort of answered that question yourself! ;)

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Anonymous asked: arg... urm.. well I don't actually know... I meant to say a character I want to apply for but I didn't know how to put it into words :)... hehe, oops!

Oh, alright, that makes more sense! Anyway sure, go ahead! Just make sure to not apply as a seventeen year-old dude with him as FC, it wouldn’t be too convincing :9

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Anonymous asked: has anyone claimed Jared Padalecki? I have a great idea for one of your characters for him!

No, nobody has him so far. What do you mean by “one of our characters”, though?

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Follow Hylla!

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Anonymous asked: It may seem a little bit stupid, however I'm surfing in my noble so it's quite hard to check these things out, but can you choose your own FC? It's confusing me a little

It’s actually pretty simple. The FC is the person you’ll chose to represent your character. (Example: I use Freya Tingley as FC for Angel) 

The FC can be any artist (actor/actress, musician…) that is not yet taken (check the character list, and if the name of the artist you’ve chosen is in front of a character, it means it has been already taken!).

If needed help, we can always direct you to fc masterlists to help picking an fc that has not been yet taken.

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Anonymous asked: Do you guys accept OCs? Me and a few friends are looking for a new RPG and one we were looking at, we found out that it had been shut down! So I was thinking about this one 😊

Yes, we’re always accepting OCs! We also are looking for more novel characters, and as we’ll be having a new plot soon, a group of premade characters will be added soon!

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Character’s Name: Hylla Ramirez-Arellano
Novel Character or Original: Novel
Age: 18
Godly Parent: Bellona
Person being used to portray this character: Cobie Smulders

Give me a para sample of who you RP:
[Set in the Son of Neptune, before her first battle against Otrera but after her brief meeting with Hazel, Frank and Percy]

Ancient myths often have a grain of truth in them, and so do ancient fears. There is a reason to fear the dark, and, as Hylla was slowly learning, even more so the undead. At the moment, though, this specific undead was mainly irritating her.

The Amazons used to be a unite force, but clearly they weren’t as loyal as she has given them credit for, and now she was stuck. She’s barely managed to get the young heroes out safely, and even that triggered much judgement, and a call to start a test on the cage locks, which ‘were obviously not being tended well enough’. Ugh. What was obvious was that this can’t go on for much longer, because the Amazons would wind up waging war against themselves.

Which, in retrospect, was exactly what they were doing anyway. She called Kinzie in. “how are things doing?”

Kinzie pursed her lips. No good news, then. “the locks have been found unsufficient. Apparently, most were broken. There was even a near escape of a Pegasus. Otrera has it all under her control, though. Everything’s safe.” Kinzie said the last bit carefully, under Doris’ watchful gaze. Double loyalties meant everything was reported right back to the ancient queen, who would undoubtedly make a fuss about false allegations if she heard them. Hylla got the message, though. Ortrera has made a show of herself to win herself more followers. By the look on Kinzie’s face, she succeeded.

"No lock was broken when I checked his morning."

"No, but when Lulu checked, they were all snapped in half."

"Good thing Queen Otrera was there to help." Doris shot Hylla a look, as if saying, ‘why weren’t you?’ "She wouldn’t have let it happen in the first place."

"Otrera is not Queen." Hylla settled back on her throne, and Doris recoiled slightly. United or split, the amazons still feared their queen. Good. It gave her a little of the leverage she desparetly needed if she wanted to survive in a fight with Otrera. Otrera was old and dead for many years, but she will return whenever she is killed, with new energies, while Hylla won’t, and if she does live, she’ll slowly exhaust herself.

She wondered how her sister did in New Rome. If it wasn’t fr her, she might have abdicated the throne and ran off to CC’s spa, but she had to try to keep the amazons in check, however low her chances were. For Reyna.

She strongly regretted splitting ways once they escaped from the pirates. If only her sister was there, where she could watch her, and she had no obligation to that sodden camp; or, if only Hylla went with her, and tried to be praetor maybe instead of her little sister, and she would have had nothing to do with the amazons, and Reyna would be in no danger from the leader’s seat, but this was wishful thinking that she could not allow herself. And anyway, if she was not an Amazon, they would have surely attacked the legion by now, and Hylla and Reyna would once again be made to fight or flee if they wished to survive. No, this was best. She just had to make sure she survived.

[That was a bit longer than expected, so sorry]


That was a very good para. It was very IC and very close to the book canon. I just have a few doubts if the FC fits the age, but a slightly older (as in 20s) Hylla would suit better (as it seems our currently Reyna and the seven are on their 17s). Either way, you’re accepted! The amazons will love to have their queen around.

Send us the link soon, and have fun!

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Anonymous asked: Do you already have to be playing a demigod/legacy to play a god?

No, not necessarily! You may pick any character you want, as well as a god/ess completely different from your demigod/legacy if you want.

- Lulu

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"Bella Gero Ergo Sum": act one, scene one

The goddess straightened her gown, lifted her chin higher than she would normally. There was always something odd about negotiating with her peers. Something that made her feel a little bit… mortal. Though, of course, she would never admit it. Eris approached the woman, flicking her long curtain of jet black hair behind her shoulder, trying her best to not be intimidated by Lyssa’s flaming red curls.


Lyssa whipped her head around, a sly smile slowly forming. There was nothing to be afraid of, Eris reminded herself. She was merely an old friend. Although, she couldn’t deny that the spirit of rage and frenzy often made her feel uncomfortable, because, well, chaos and discord were merely opportunities. Unfortunate situations that open doors to destruction. Madness and rage were the spark that ignites the flame.

After all, a gun is merely an object. It’s the thought that pulls the trigger.

“Eris!” She said cheerfully. The goddess of strife kept a straight face, resisting the urge to roll her eyes and groan. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Why so sudden?”

“Oh, please. You know exactly why I’m here.”

“That, I do.” The spirit replied, examining her fingernails. Eris bit down on her tongue. They were acting like two teenagers, competing for the crown. How ridiculous! “Tell me, though, how’s being trapped in Tartarus? Spending some quality time with aunt Nyx?”

“You know my daughter, McKenzie,” she interrupted, attempting to change the subject. “and why exactly she’s there in the demigod camp, don’t you?”

“The sulky one? Couldn’t miss her, really. I see a lot of you in her, y’know. Moody, impatient, a bit clumsy, too. Lucky for her that the the others aren’t that bright. I, for one, cannot believe how she hasn’t gotten cau—”

“My point,” Eris sighed, “is that she’s not quite… well…”
“That, and—”
“Yes, but also—”
“Doing her job right?”

Eris’s eyes began to burn with black rage. She urged herself to keep calm, breathing in deeply. This is exactly what Lyssa does to you, she reminded herself. Drives you completely and utterly mad.

“She has been doing her job, but it’s just not as… effective as I thought it would be.” The goddess began pacing, collecting her thoughts. “It’s harder than I thought, to make it frank. And with me stuck in Tartarus now -no thanks to those petty demigod heroes-, things are going to be even more difficult.” Eris turned on her heel, facing Lyssa once more, her lips pursed into a thin line. “I’ve spoken to them.”

Lyssa raised a brow. “And?” She stepped forward eagerly, suddenly interested.
“They’ve pledged to help, of course! Who would miss out such an opportunity!”
“Oh, goodie!” Lyssa clapped her hands.
“As for McKenzie, she’s going to need some… help.”

There was a moment of silence. Eris looked at Lyssa hopefully, searching for a sign of understanding. The spirit of rage ran her pale hand tenderly through her ginger hair before replying. “She’d be up for it.”

Of course she would, Eris thought to herself. She’d seen what the child is capable of. Those two joined together, along with whoever else they’d manage to dig up…

“We might just stand a chance, then.”
“Yes,” Lyssa breathed the word with a smile. “We might.”

Eris chuckled with excitement. She could already see the flames tearing through their home.

Absolute chaos. Oh, how delightful.

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Be prepared.


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