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and with that the ask box is nice and clear! so if you’ll all please hold your drama and q’s for after 11am (uk time) tomorrow i’ll be going now

- R

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Character’s Name: Edward Auditaire 
Age: 18 
Godly Parent (Hades)
Person being used to portray this character: Colin Ford
Brief history or personality description of your character (Like all children of Hades, he’s a little… unsocial. He likes to lurk in the shadows, and is the kinda guy in a party to be the one on the wall. His friends, however, count on him to be loyal and independent. He has quite a few grudges, though. HISTORY: He had gone to Camp Half Blood, undetermined, until the war, where he was kidnapped and went missing. After, he escaped, and wandered around, killing monsters. He had escaped in New Hampshire, so he was a little off course. But maybe he could find them one day. Now, he roams the lands. He was determined, but no one was there to see it. That made him more than a little pissy.):
Give me a para sample of who you RP: )

Edward was sprinting, putting on every bit of power he had into his legs. He was running away from a hydra, which was chasing him and looking really, really, really pissed off. The hydra started going full-out tank, running faster and faster. At the last second, Edward stopped and leaped towards the side. The hydra barreled on, then stopped and turned. Edward grimaced. “You know, why do you have to chase me so much? I’m only a son of Hades!” Edward said wryly, which seemed to do nothing but anger the Hydra. Edward took out his long sword. It was a special sword, one of a special metal, a mix of Celestial Bronze and Stygian Iron. He leaped, then swung downwards. The hydra dodged, and fired from all 12 mouths. Edward rolled backwards, then took out his good luck charms; three keys, attached onto a silver ring. The keys each had a small skull on them, and he had found it in a river, probably a gift from Hades. It was right after the skull had shone above Edward’s head, giving him a sense of happiness, but sadness at the same time. He yelled, and concentrated. Out of the ground, 3 skeletons emerged. They had rusted bayonets and cracked armor, but they were from the Revolutionary War. As the skeletons kept the hydra distracted, Edward jumped above it, and stabbed it straight through its body. He jumped away, and as the skeletons went back down, he continued towards NY.

((Making a new one rather than the old one. And can I have him so if he gets into the roleplay, he has had a history with Camp Half Blood, but had mysteriously vanished during the War, the war being the one that took palce in The Last Olympian?))


Hi there! First, thanks for getting back to us so quickly! i like your speed :))) second! okay so there’s still some iffy things in this para, but on a whole, it’s better! one thing is that you need to change his fc because Colin Ford is already taken i’m afraid! and might I suggest lowering his age to 16/17 instead just so that he has a reason to be coming back to camp, because normally once 18 campers leave. I hope you’ve got lots of cool plans for him and that there’s a whole backstory on his kidnapping ready and waiting because i’m interested in that! But okay cool you’re in, send in the link when you can! 

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Follow Connor!!!

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Deactivation sheet.

Character’s name: Maya, Lily, Phaedra, Marli, Nicky.

Reason: here

Will you be coming back? No. I’m sick and tired of this place.

Any messages before you leave? It’s all in the post. Bye.


so long my friend you shall always be on my faves list! but it’s all understandable and i’m answering it because ‘none bias’ blah blah blah! but i hope you have such fun in all future endeavours! 

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Anonymous asked: hi! Rachel Elizabeth Dare isn't on your taken characters list, or your available characters list. Or, if she is, I didn't see her and I'm sorry for sending a pointless message! Is she an eligible character to play?

Hi! Okay so as far as I can tell she is avalible! and it is just our mistake of missing her off the list ! 

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rhymeswithstole asked: [*nyooms* the blog isn't done yet, but here I am hello! (thank you for the nice words on my app ahhh i look forward to rping with you guyyssss <3)]

ayyyyyyeeeeee!!!!! he shall be added to the list in a jiffy!! 

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Character’s Name: Edward Lee
Novel Character or Original: Original
Age: 15
Godly Parent (Poseidon)
Person being used to portray this character: Ki Hong Lee
Brief history or personality description of your character (Edward is strong with his water powers, and funny. He is also smart with an IQ of 138, and can control forms of ice):
Give me a para sample of who you RP:

A lone figure trekked through the cold New York winter, the air howling and the blizzard swirling. His robes barely held together over his clothes, and he constantly stumbled, but his face was cold, calculated, and ready. As he went through, he crossed a river. All of a sudden, he heard the rat-a-tat-tat of bullets. A line of bullets appeared, and Edward flattened onto the ground. His white robes helped cover him, and the bullets stopped. A man walked out. He said, 

"Don’t worry!" I’m just here to help."

Using the blizzard, Edward inched away from the man until he could be at a vantage point, then spoke.

"As if. Your passive-aggressive posture speaks of hostility, and your hold on the gun is one where you would raise it and fire. What sort of liar are you?" 

The man snarled, and rose his gun. He spit out bullets from it, heading towards Edward’s direction.

Edward leaped to the side, then tensed. A wall of water burst out, and surrounded Edward. In the blizzard, Edward created an entire hurricane, the water solidifying when the bullets came. Edward yelled, and all of the gallons flowed right towards the man, knocking him out by the force of it. Edward touched back onto the ground, and smiled.

"Good riddance."


I’m honestly very confused with this para. Okay, he controls the ice but it has to be until a certain extent, right? Not all forms of ice (I found this very useful link), such as Khione, who can create and manipulate the ice, snow and cold winds. But nevermind that, if only you wrote another line my problem would be just one: the paragraph is very, very confusing. It stops in the middle of a thing out of nowhere and we just get really confused when we read that. So please, write another para (or continue from this one, it would be great!) that has 20 or more lines and submit it to us!

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Character name: Atlantica



Godly parent: Poseidon

She doesn’t like being told what to do and likes knowing she is in control without being a control freak, that’s all I’m telling the rest misty.

My names Atlantica Jackson,  I’ve never known my dad and I ran away from home at the age of 9. I’ve never seen my family since and Artemis has become my patron Goddess don’t get me wrong Poseidon is my father/Aretmis told me. I have sea green eyes and anyone who insults me get their ass kicked as I was saying I’ve got sea green/blue eyes with medium black and brown hair with a side fringe, I have full lips and my eyes are really vibrant I have a perfect little nose I’m really for and I don’t like being over weight, I try to be as healthy as possible, I have this thing Hera/ I hate her so much/ anyways Artemis has been looking after me and keeping me from getting as well as stopping me Boyd mouthe Hera- so kind. Hades has spoilt me so much I have 4 flat screen TVs bigger then most of Percy’s and I have at least 10 rooms in the underworld as well as 1 big one in the underwater palace my dad owns plus the things I get from Artemis and Apollo does lend me his sun chariot sometimes though Artemis kind of disapproves and she doesnt want me to call in love


Hi dear, I gotta be honest: this is not a good audi. Let’s start with the app form: You didn’t put the faceclaim, the password is wrong and you wrote less than 20 lines at your para sample. The application form is there to be followed. Secondly, your para is too confusing and poorly written. I know that not everyone is born an english-speaker or write wonderfully, but why don’t you write it in your native language, put it on Google Translate and try again? I’ll have to say it, but she’s not accepted.

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