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Character’s Name: Alexander Peters 
Novel Character or Original: Original
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Zeus
Person being used to portray this character: Dylan o brien

Brief history: He is gifted with the power of absorbing lightning and other electrical energy and at an early age, various groups plotted to kindap him for their own selfish desires. His mother sent him to the monasteries in Tibet so that he will be ‘hopefully’ safe. He grew up being a buddhist monk and learned the way of the staff. He was then kidnapped by the Russian government.

He is peaceful and not quick to anger. He is also very fast and skilled in the art of the staff.


He doesn’t like earthly attachments so this guy is very very very simple.

Give me a para sample of who you RP:

It was a dark and stormy night northwest of Russia, and a small military elite team is on their way. With them is a greyish black square container big enough for an elephant. Inside of this container was a 16-year old kid and he was meditating.

This kid doesn’t remember anything except being told that he was a property for the Russian Federation. A battery, they told him. For this was not an ordinary kid. He is one of the mortal sons of the Greek god Zeus.

The convoy stopped and the thunderstorm intensified. They watched and began setting up their equipment. The others made a parameter so that no unauthorized personnel would get in their way.

3 kilometers away, someone was observing them meticulously. He was wearing a black trench coat and a gas mask, which glowed red in the eye parts. In his right hand was a mechanical bronze glove. It was connected via hose to a container attached to his back. His partner approached and patted him.

“Boss. It’s time.” It said.

The gas masked man got up and prepared himself for his mission. And failure was not an option.

Everything was set up and the head of the elite team gave the order. The tesla coils were set and after a few minutes, lightning began to strike. The coils were connected to the container and as lightning struck, the teenager absorbed its energy. He was a conductor, a battery, a weapon.

The team began to absorb the energy from the teenager so that they would have electricity for the country, but at the cost of the teenager’s own physical capability. Once something is exploited, there are damages that can’t be undone.

He came in like lightning as well. The gas-masked man, with the bronze glove, shot jets of ice to the tesla coil. The tesla coil shattered and the guards were on red alert. Soon, his partner rushed and caught the guards on surprise. It didn’t take a full minute for them to be unconscious. The gas-masked man hastens to the container and shattered the door. He found the teenager still in a lotus position and as he was going to touch him, there was a bang. A force strong enough had them holding on to dear life. For a tank shot at them but was quickly neutralized by the gas-masked man’s partner.

The teenager hit his head and remembered everything. He was Alexander.

Alexander stood up and smiled. Not because he was free, but he was finally going to make the score even.

The teenager went outside, being in the mercy of the intense thunderstorm, he reached for the sky. Just like the tesla coil, he was struck multiple times. A small band of soldiers approached him cautiously and told him to get down. 

The gas masked man quickly rushed to the teenagers aid but stopped when he noticed the teenager.

His eyes were glowing blue and the earth seems to silence before him. The soldiers began to fire but the bullets disintegrated. The teenager hovered and began shooting jets of lightning at them, turning some of them into ashes. The others began to retreat but the teenager was fast.

He destroyed everything in the small settlement, leaving some of his enemies unconscious. The glow subsided and he fell unconsciously. The gas-masked man carried him away while his partner destroyed any evidence of what happened.

 After hours of resting, Alexander woke up and the gas-masked man gave him a glass of water.

 “wh….where am I?” He asked the rescuer, tired and steaming, “Who are you?”.

 “My friend, you should drink first for it will help you cool down. You absorbed too much energy,” The man replied, “this place, well let us just say that we are both safe here,

 He stood up and removed his gloves and gas mask, revealing a 17 year old with long hair. He took a chair and set it next to his guest. “As for my name, I’m Raphael Castillone, and you are one of us”.

(sorry if not good :/ )


Diego, how dare you? HOW DARE YOU? Look at this lil one, he has so much potential! And he met Raph (which made me cry okay?), and this is so cool, and kind of not-explored! You’re good to go, mate! Just send us his link!

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Hiatus sheet

Character’s name: Steven, Jules, Adelaide, Evanna, Alvar
How long will you be gone?: It’ll be kind of a semi-hiatus thing, sorry. I’ll try to come on as often as I can
Reason: You probably already know I have internet restrictions. I have intenet 2 hours a day, which in theory would be enough to rp, but ly wifi shuts itself of after 10 pm. Also, often, people come on much later than me, and I never actually rp two hours, I often am just able to rp the last half hour of my internet time. To be honest, I’d rather rp decently, but much less frequent, than only like, half an hour a day. I’m terribly sorry, I wouldn’t go on hiatus if my father hadn’t had put limitations on my internet. Until I can somehow convince him to revoke them, I’ll rp a lot less frequently, and mostly during breaks (fall break is coming up soon tho!) so yeah. Sorry for the long-ass reason, I started typing and didn’t stop


Sshhh Ralral, it’s okay, we understand. Don’t worry too much, wait until your break and you’re good to go! All of your chars are on hiatuses now, don’t worry, k? Love you!

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Follow Amy!

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amethyst-death asked: Whoops, sorry! Ammy's 17, but can pass for older if she tries (Which she does, a lot.)

Aaah yes yes, you’re on the list right away! Welcome to the roleplay!

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It’s the circle of life~

Deactivation sheet

Character’s name:

Emmett Lucado


He is no longer in this world, which you can read here: (x) (x)

Will you be coming back?

As Emmett? No. But I still have Dana, Jarrod and these two down here.

Any messages before you leave?

Emmett loved you all, mkay? And although he understands some of you are in pain he’d want you to resume your daily camp activities. If a tree falls in a forest it creates an open patch of light which is the perfect place for new things to grow.

Maybe the new vegetation doesn’t look that same as the old tree, but the forest will eventually still be as green as it once was.

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Deactivation sheet

Character’s name: Sabina Valentine
Reason: Hello! First of all, university has been taking me a lot of time lately! Besides, I feel as if Sabina doesn’t quite fit around here, but I do have Pamela around! 
Will you be coming back? (Y/N) I’m not quite sure, but it’s a no for now!
Any messages before you leave? It’s been a pleasure to meet the people I’ve met! I hope you guys enjoy Pamela!


Aaahh I hope my uni won’t keep me super busy! Good luck, girl! At least you haven’t completely left!

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Deactivation sheet

Character’s name: Charlie Carter
Reason: im gonna have her as an indie, to try new things out
Will you be coming back? (Y/N): I’m not goe just yet!
Any messages before you leave?: uhm…….adios?


Have fun trying new things, Yasmin! Charlie’s out of the list.

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Anonymous asked: Hey hey heeeey. Please reserve Dylan o brien for the Zeus Cabin :3 thank you!

Dylan *-* Yes, they’re both reserved! 

Dylan O’Brien is reserved!

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Name: Amejisuto Shi
Novel Character or Original: Original
Godly Parent: Hades
Person being used to portray this character: Isabelle Fuhrman

Brief history or personality description of your character (if OC):

Ammy had been put in the foster care systemat age five with horrendous burn scars. By seven years old, Ammy was helping the freshman in her home with Geometry and Algebra II. Dealing with her older “siblings” made her much more mature than her peers. No one wanted a brooding eight year old, however, and by age ten she had fled the home in disappointment. She lived on the streets, keeping her head down as much as possible, until he had came. It was then she learned that humans could be the worst monsters of all.

He left her on the streets, broken and bleeding, until she had been found by Alecto. Alecto brought her to her father, where she was healed and quickly trained. Her twelth birthday present was her daisho (katana and tanto), crafted out of Stygian Iron and amethysts. She loves them, but dislikes that they turn into bracelets.

Since then, she’s been travelling around doing odd jobs for her father, with brief stops to Camp Half-Blood to see her siblings. She’s dropped the quiet and brooding personality of her youth and replaced it with a quirky and fun prankster version of herself. Those who look closely though will notice that she hates any attention being drawn to the gloves on her hands and that she flinches away from any sort of flame.

Give me a para sample of who you RP: 

Ammy laughed, dancing and singing through her cabin to The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! at the Disco.

"Woah, Mona Lisa / You’re guaranteed to run this town /Woah, Mona Lisa / I’d pay to see you frown" She sang, twirling the shadows into a top hat and microphone like the one in the music video. She frowned suddenly as she heard a noise outside the cabin. 

Instantly, the shadows disappeared as she yanked on her gloves and boots. She grabbed her leather coat and shoved her arms through the sleeves, before plopping down onto her bed.

Her sister Opal walked through the door, an innocent smile on her face.

"Hey sis!" She giggled. Ammy sighed, painting a kinder expression onto her face. She adored Opal, she did, but the girl was just so… different than her. Okay, yes. Ammy was kind of jealous of her. Yeah, an insane asylum wasn’t the best place to grow up, but she would’ve perferred that to her childhood. Also (and don’t you DARE tell this to anyone), her little sis’s talent with hellfire made her incredible uncomfortable. 

She never let Opal see that side though, and allowed her sister to ramble on about whatever she seemed to be saying. Occasionally, she would add a “yeah” or a “oh really?” in when necessary, but for now she was content to just lay there on her bed.


Aah, I like Ammy already, she seems super nice! Although I found her para kinda vague, I feel like we’re gonna read more about her, am I right? And about her relationship with her family. You’re good to go! Have fun and welcome to our roleplay! Don’t be shy to reply to starters!

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