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Character’s Name: Charlie Elisabeth Carter
Novel Character or Original: original
Age: 15
Godly Parent: Apollo
Person being used to portray this character: Alli Simpson
Brief history or personality description of your character (if OC):

Having sosial anxiety makes Charlie a very shy and quiet girl, she doesn’t say much at all and tends to keep to herself,  she tends not to like attention, often feeling paniced when people start to get an intrest in her. So she likes to keep others pleased and happy so she can avoid getting the wrong thought of her. 

Despite her shy nature Charlie is a happy child at heart and if you get to know her you will often find her smiling or talking.

Charlie plays the piano and learnt how to play at a young age and took classical lessons and despite living close to the beach in sunny Australia Charlie didn’t learn how to surf, but often went to the beach with her golden lab Rocky.

Give me a para sample of who you RP: (required 20 lines minimum for OCs, 30 lines minimum for canon characters. For more info, check :this: post)

“You ready Charlie?” Miss Marley asked her sweetly, she was only in her mid-twenties and had wavy brown hair that reached down to her shoulders Charlie knew what to say, she’d been practicing all week. She was ready; in fact she was more than ready. This time she would be able to do it in front of Miss Marley.

The young girl nodded, her heart racing and her palm getting more and more sweaty ‘NO! Charlie, stay calm. The class can’t see you and they can’t laugh. Miss Marley’s a nice lady, she won’t laugh!’ ‘but what if she laughs because my presentasion is so bad and I freeze up and start stammering again, the presentasion is meant to last for a few short minutes and I’ve held up a good grade so far. I just can’t let myself down like this’

“Hey sweetie you okay?” She smiled gently “There’s no reason to be scared okay? Just use all the time you need, got it?” Miss Marley picked up her pen and note book, ready for the presentsion the young girl had to give.

Charlie took a deep breath and started to count to ten in hopes of calming down her nerves. ‘okay Charlie, it’s now or never’ “Today I’m going to talk about Apollo. Apollo is-is………is t-th-th” , deep breath Charlie. One-two-three. “Apollo is the greek and roman god of poetry and music. He—“

Suddently the classroom was filled with kids. Laughing and pointing at her. The girls snickering to her, whispering comments in each others ears. “What’s the matter? C-c-cat ca-caught your tongue?” Jackson commented, making the whole class laugh, including Miss Marley. Laughing like it was the most hilarious thing on earth.

She couldn’t muster up any more words, it’s like they were jammed in her throat. She couldn’t muster out any sound, she coulnd’t say anything. She just stood there frozen. Tears forming her eyes as she stared at the class in horror.

She could feel her panic rising, all she could hear was her heart beating firmly and fast in her chest. She could feel her breaths getting shorter and quicker, more rapid than normal.


 “Charlie, you okay?”

The young blonde girl blinked. The kids gone, it was only her and Miss Marley, but she couldn’t think anymore, she needed air and fast. She needed to be alone and think, practice some more. Get it right.

But she can’t just leave in the middle of her test, a test she’d worked so hard on. She can’t just leave! But yet, she felt like she had to, she had to get out of the cold class room.

“Charlie, you want to take a break?” Miss Marley asked her. Charlie couldn’t do much more then nod.

“I-I-I need some……fresh air” The daughter of Apollo hurried out of the classroom, as fast as her feet could take her. The warm air hit her like bricks as she started walking down the corridor, down to her favourite classroom.

Charlie felt thankful that all the other students were all in class, it would’ve caused too much attention if they had seen her like this. Too many people asking her if she’s alright, people who never cared before would care now. But she didn’t want that, she didn’t want that feeling of people looking at her. She didn’t want them to laugh at her, make her feel out of place. She’d rather just stay a ghost to the world and not be reminded of how different she is from the rest of them.

She entered the music room, it was normally empty and she was glad this it was this time too. Her favourite place at her school and that was this music room, with it’s white walls and lots of different instruments lined up against the wall, all from three drum sets, a few bongo drums, to fifty guitars, three key boards were some of the few instruments they had. The school had most of all different types, mostly the popular ones like drums, guitar and piano, till the least popular like bells.

There was only a single instrument that stood out to the young girl, only one instrument that she loved more than anything in the world. The big black box with keys on it, the big black piano. It would always relieve stress from her anxiety when she played it, she didn’t know why. But she’d always play her piano and she would be happy, free and gone.

Her fingers moved automatically as she started to play, her fingers moving gracelfully over the piano keys. Making her lost in the music, lost in the song.

So free, she couldn’t think about anything, she only listened to the soft melody she is playing. Playing in total bliss

Heheheheheh noticed that I accidetnly sent my last one without the personality thingy, so here it is and the blog is sunnycharliec


My first thought reading this was ‘oh my i want to hug her and wrap her in a blanket!’ she’s just so sweet! Charlie seems like a very lovely girl who’ll fit in well a camp and find people who definitely wont laugh at her if she stutters. I guess it’s been a while since we had an Apollo kid who plays an instrument so that’s nice as well. I’ll add her to the list for you right now :)

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Character’s Name: Sienna Crawford
Novel Character or Original: Original
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Venus and legacy of Virtus
Faceclaim: Gigi Hadid

Brief history or personality description of your character: Sienna didn’t grew up in the safe haven of New Rome but she did lived there for two years before entering the legion at age thirteen. Being a daughter of Venus, she’s a fan of shopping and looking good. Anyone would think she’s just a typical preppy and airhead with just one look but she’s more than that. Since her dad is a son of Virtus, Sienna inherited some of those Virtus qualities he had, which were very important to the Romans and still are today. Despite this, Sienna found herself struggling to keep up with her work and balance it but she always tries her best to do everything right no matter what.
Para sample: 
Sienna was in the Colosseum, training hard amongst the other people who were in the same cohort as her. She swiftly slid to the left, just in time to miss a slash from a sword that a daughter of Mars had attempted. She puffed outwards, feeling tired already - there was certainly a reason that she was placed in the fourth cohort and not a higher ranked one. Although she wasn’t as good at fighting or training, she liked to think that she was useful in her own ways, being very fast.
Sighing in exasperation, she ducked down to avoid a large rod that was aimed for her head (that would’ve definitely hurt), kicking her leg out in a half circle to make her opponent fall to the floor. She barely had time to get up and stretch her back out before she had to run back a few meters. Training was her least favorite thing to do at camp, she wasn’t gonna lie. Her body swiveled around, not wanting to expose her back to her current opponent. Now opposite her was a son of Vulcan. Typical of a demigod from that parentage, he was well equipped with fancy weapons, a smug grin on his face. Sienna gulped. When training, she hated facing children of military related gods the most. They were always bound to beat her and take ages playing around whilst doing it. 
A small nervous chuckle escaped her lips.
The boy rushed towards her, hammer gripped tightly in his hand and a sadistic grin on his face. A grimace settled on her face as she moved backwards. For every step he took towards her, she would take two back. Then she reach the edge of the Colosseum. Her back was lightly pressed against the wall, sweat making her purple shirt cling to her back. There was nowhere to go. She would have to keep moving to the side. He wouldn’t let her move back towards the center of the coliseum. No. He wasn’t that kind.
Then he briskly threw his arm forward and the hammer was launched at her. Despite trying once again to dodge the blow, the hammer hit her shoulder. She felt pain shoot through her bones. Gasping, she held her shoulder as she put her hand up in surrender. Damn that hurt. 
Even the memory of that training incident made her cringe a bit. That was back when her ability of fighting wasn’t as developed, and she could barely make any attacks moves on anyone. Admittedly it wasn’t until she had been in camp for some time that she had even bothered to start refining her abilities. Well, she still wasn’t as good at fighting or using weapons like others, but there was always time to improve that in the future.


Aw Sienna seems very sweet. I liked how the para showed her training, which isn’t something we see very often anymore. It’s a nice starting point and leaves you a lot of room for character development! So overall yes very nice, very welcome yay new Roman! JUst send in her link and you’re good to go! 

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App: OC: Natalie Arman

Character’s Name: Natalie Arman

Novel Character or Original: Original

Age: 17 (returns to camp every year over the summer)

Godly Parent : Pothos

Person being used to portray this character: Gemma Arterton

Personality description of your character (if OC): Nat is used to being pursued, being beautiful. Over the past seventeen years she’s learned to use her looks to her advantage. Instead of maliciously manipulating people to do her will, she focuses on inner beauty and makes it her goal to show people that inner beauty is really what catches peoples eyes. She is a people’s person, always will to help and offer advice. She’s kind of love guru. She strives to be the best and to help other become better too.

She is selfless and kind but like with any person there’s a darker side to her. She is wildly and irrationally possessive, controlling and jealous. If she takes a personal interest in you, you are her one and only and you must be co-dependent.

Give me a para sample of who you RP:  She stormed through the forest, the chilled wind whipping at her hair. As she clenched her fists and bit her lip; she could feel the air grow continually colder around her. She muttered a curse in Latin and wrapped her arms tighter around her side. Nat felt so dumb, she always forgot a jacket, sometime its was intentional, but not today. Why her dad thought it was essential that they meet alone at Zeus’ fist, she had no idea. But whatever he wanted it probably wasn’t good. Nat hoped her dad didn’t want her to screw with the Aphrodite girls again. She always hated exacting her father’s vengeance on Grandma by torturing poor innocent campers. Especially such pretty ones.


Hello! Okay so first of all, I really liked the personality description, it really gives an idea about Nat and what kind of person she is. However, she can’t be accepted because the para sample is about 10 lines too short. So if you could maybe just resend the para- the rest of the app is lovely!- just so that we can get a better idea of how Nat will be around the camp, thank you! 

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Anonymous asked: hi! i'm just a teeny bit confused. i run an indie roleplay blog, and it looks as if one of your players followed me--is it against your group's rules to RP with indie blogs, or is it okay for me to reply to them?

There’s not technically a rule against it but the general vibe is that we stick to the RPers within the RP as it saves confusion to others. 

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It has come to this.

Character's name(s)

Maxine Lerman, Hera, Annabeth Chase, Aika Minami, Lana, Lilith Waylett

How long will you be gone?



University, lack of muses, and time.

University; My schedule is stressing since I’m at school as early as 7am and my latest is until 5:30pm and that takes a lot of energy. I may have time to go online and talk but of course, I have to dedicate most of my remaining energy to my education. We have a cut off grade that I have to meet or else I’ll get kicked out of the course. So, of course, I have to focus. 

Lack of musesMaxine, her muse just flew away, I have no idea why. Annabeth, like I said, it’s very hard to RP canon characters without other canon characters. Lilith, I have lost my energy to RP such an energetic character. I could give my time RPing her and Aika because they’re my new babies and they need developing. But it’s not easy to develop characters when you’re not in the mood. Lana, same as Lilith, I’ve lost that specific energy I need to RP this little baby.

I still have muses for both Aika and Hera. But the third reason, time, has given me no choice but to put them both—all of them—on hiatus. 


Hi, guys! I miss RPing with all of you and plotting and gif-ing and just basically fangirling. I’d like to promise all of you my time but sadly, it’s not negotiable and I need most of it to do my homeworks and drawings and et cetera. 

To Carol; please manage the Hephy TV while I’m gone. I’ll try my best to do some requests if I can squeeze it on my spare time. But in the meantime, you have your whole dominion over the blog. 

To Chantal, Ral, and Yaz; if there’s any Waylett activity that needs Lilith, just message me and I’ll try to RP her when needed. Alright?

To Czar, if there’s any plot that I have to be on with you, just message me and I’ll try to fulfill my duty.

And with that, I end with an……….






aw aw aw aw this is saddening to read but alas it is a fate we all know very well. Muses are very fickle things and it’s sad to see so many great characters go, but it’s understandable. 

Good luck with all you studies!! Go and ace them all!!! 

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Deactivation sheet for Cassidy Gaskhar & Indiana Harper.
Fuck the format, let’s have a long goodbye letter instead.

So I’ve been supposed to do this for a while—actually my initial idea was to wait until after the plot was over, to have a nice last memory and shizzle, but I’m not waiting until December or whenever. Besides, I barely have the internet those days, so why bother?

It’s been a great three years, and damn it helped me in so many ways. I went from “I perfectly understand what other people are writing, but I would never think of associating words that way” to “what do you mean, ‘writing in French’? English is the only way to go!”, and that’s quite brilliant. I’ve created a bazillion characters, explored everything I could and stepped out of my comfort zone so much I probably stepped into everybody else’s.

I’m going to keep all the blogs and all of the memories for sure, and there won’t be a day when I regret joining here. Damn, generally I only stay on a roleplay for what, a few months, at best? But this group sucked me in, I don’t know why nor how, I don’t know what kind of magic this is but it worked and I don’t think I will ever find another place like here. You guys are great people, I met some of my now very best friends here (or they dragged me here—looking at you Nasta) and I’m so fucking glad.
When I had a lot of issues and various problems going on, I would come here and you guys would make everything better without even knowing it. You’re so fucking cool I don’t want you to listen to anyone who’d tell you any different. It’s pretty damn rad to hold a whole world inside your hand, coming to think of it. So keep doing it until you feel you’ve learned all you had to learn, like it’s my case now, and then just rock on everywhere else.

Okay, I don’t know how much longer the net will let me love it, so I’ve got to make it quick now. I’ll still hang around the FB group and you’re welcome to talk to me at any freaking time, yeah? I’m everywhere, you can’t escape me anyways.

Oh, and to end this all with goods news: be nice to your new admin Rosie, you guys, she’s going to love you between two character-killings!

Lots of love, all dem mwah mwah’s,
the masked F.

PS: Teen wolf reaction pictures are the new way to go.


I’m not crying you’re crying.

I definitely don’t know where to begin with this, but I should start by saying that things change and we’ll all eventually grow and leave, and that I’m happy the  stay has been productive for you, despite the problems here and there. I’m happpy it gave you the oportunity to explore characters and plots, work in your writing, and I’m really really happy to have roleplayed with you, because your characters are fab (and I still cry a lot).

Well, hopefully the internet will get itself together, but I’m happy we can still keep contact! Good luck out there, Lots of love!

Yes, the reaction pictures are the way to go


(In which there is only one step:)

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And with that, I am off to deal with rec letters.

Yours not-so-truly,

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