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Character’s Name: Alvar Gilbert Adevar
Novel Character or Original: Original
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Sancus
Person being used to portray this character: David Lambert
Brief history or personality description of your character (if OC): 

Alvar has always been a difficult child. When others said he was rude, he would simply say that he was just telling the truth. And the thing is, he was actually telling the truth, because that’s the only thing he can say. He’ll never lie, he literally can’t lie without being in immense pain, so he says the truth all the time. Even the ugly truth, especially the ugly truth.

He knows when you’re lying, and often he can also see the truth that you’re supposed to be saying. He doesn’t only speak the truth, he also sees it. Secrets unravel in front of him, double personalities melt. He doesn’t tolerate lying, at all. The first li, he’ll let it go, and tell the person that he sees through lies. If they keep on lying then, they’re officially head in Alvar’s book. Seeing as almost everyone lies, sometimes even without noticing, Alvar hates most of his acquaintances.

He has a huge problem with idioms and figures of speech, because he takes everything literally in his head, and most idioms sound ridiculous when taken literally, and in Alvar’s eyes, they’re lies.  He doesn’t read or listen to music because of that, because too many lies make his head hurt.

He is incredibly proud, and very stubborn. If he believes something, that’s his truth then, and if someone’s truth is not his truth, they’re lying for him. He’s also the most trustful person you’ll ever meet. His father’s also the god of oaths and trust, so he won’t ever break an oaths or someone’s trust. He’d rather die, seriously.

He tries not to be too cocky and slap the truth in their faces, because he noticed that people really don’t like it when he answers his own question about them. He often knows the answer already when he asks something, but he asks them nonetheless, because life is more enjoyable when not everyone hates you with a blinding passion and finds you a know-it-all. 

(Very long have a read more)

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(Pls send in her fc)
Character’s Name: Evanna Marcella Philippa Maria Sanchez-Adriano
Novel Character or Original: Original
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Enyo (goddess of destructive war, Greek counterpart of Bellona ha bellona does have a greek counterpart suck it rick)
Person being used to portray this character:
Brief history or personality description of your character (if OC):

Evanna is the youngest of 6 children, and obviously the spoiled one. She could get away with almost everything with only a sweet, innocent smile or a pouty face. Her baby face gives her an innocent aura, and she knows that, thus making her use that to her full extent. She acts all cute and giggly, but that is exactly what it all is- an act.

Evanna is in fact everything except sweet and innocent. Her mom being the goddess of destructive war made her love destruction, a lot. She is incredibly manipulative, playing even her parents and siblings to fit her wishes. She is a compulsive liar, causing havoc just for the fun of it. She will act like your friend, until you annoy her or she gets enough of you, and then all hell breaks loose. When she shows her true self, the wild, rude, crazed part of her, you’d better run as far as you can, because she is not gentle with those who she dislikes. She may have an angel face, but she has the devil’s tongue.

She is extremely compulsive, thinking far after she does something. She is fearless, too fearless, making her dangerously reckless. She is aggressive, and has no guilt. If you’d know her, you wouldn’t even be sure if she has a conscience.

She doesn’t believe in love, after seeing her dad cheat on her stepmom for countless times. She was a product of an affair as well. What she does believe in, is, to put it frankly, sex. She loves to flirt, seduce, and everything that comes after that. She’ll tell you she loves you, and then drop you like you are a dirty sock that desperately needs a washing. Basically, if she wants you, she’ll flirt with you until she gets you. And if she doesn’t get what she wants, well, she’s not used to not getting what she wants. She won’t pressure you into a relationship or something, but she will be just herself around you, her real self.

If you interest her, she’ll contain herself, well, momentarily. She’ll act normal, in case that person can be a future asset or ally. If you can be of use to her, she will use you, and after that, she’ll toss you away like a piece of trash.

She is a daughter of a war goddess, so she is extremely talented in combat, being able to use practically anything as a weapon. She is also exceptionally well in hand to hand battle, taking material art classes after school, as well as dancing lessons, which are good for her stamina.

Her father is incredibly rich, being the CEO of a huge weapon company, and being married to the head-surgeon of a much respected hospital. Both of her parents are not at home often, but that doesn’t disturb Eva a lot. She has 5 older siblings to keep her occupied, the oldest three being married and the oldest even having a kid. She loves her family, as much as she’s capable of loving someone. Usually when she loves someone, that means she wants to kill them or see them suffer. To her, killing someone, is the ultimate act of love.

She may be a bit insane.

No one from her family knows she’s actually a psychopath; she’s really good at hiding it. Every time she gets in a fight, she tells they started it, or that they were bullying her and she just acted in self-defence.  She’s a good liar, she fools even her parents. Her stepmother suspects something, though, but seeing as it’s not her daughter she’s not too worried about it. She loves Evanna, even if she isn’t her child, but she knows that this is one problem she doesn’t need, and frankly she doesn’t want, to solve. Only her brother, second youngest kid of the Sanchez-Adriano family, knows that she is in fact totally bonkers. She always warns her to tone it down and that she’ll get caught or killed one day, but Eva never listens. She is stubborn like that.

(readmore cos long)

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Character’s Name: Calypso
Novel Character or Original: Novel Character
Age: Appears 16
Godly Parent: Atlas (father) and Tethys (mother)
Person being used to portray this character: Georgie Henley
Give me a para sample of who you RP: (required 20 lines minimum for OCs, 30 lines minimum for canon characters. For more info, check :this: post)

Calypso, the daughter of a Titan, was a kindly soul. She was willing to help anyone, especially young heroes that just happened to stumble across her enchanted floating island. The Fates were cruel to her and forever sent her heroes she couldn’t help but fall in love with. She had many a hero stray from their various quests and journeys over the years, each one she fell in love with, and each time she became heartbroken that they had left her.

One particular young hero had accidentally crash landed on her island. He caused her a lot of strife and the amount of effort she put into getting him off the island was insane! She thought the gods were mocking her with this scrawny boy. How could he be a hero? Was her initial thought. He had even dared to call her Sunshine and burnt the gifts she presented him with until she had made him fireproof clothes. She thought she was going to hate this hero, and for the first part of their relationship she was right…

But now she found herself violently wiping her eyes, trying to stop the tears from falling. She had helped this hero build a raft to get back to his quest. They had bonded and now she felt herself not wanting him to go. She had found that she had become very fond of this scrawny boy, who was apparently a hero. She had even found, much to her dismay, that she had fallen in love with him, and that meant he had to leave.

She didn’t want him to leave.

Especially after she had kissed him goodbye.

She had found that wanted this scrawny boy to stay with her forever. She shook her head and told herself that she was thinking nonsense again as she watched the raft go, with the hero on it. She told herself that this was all part of her curse and that she better get over him soon because she would never see him again! But oddly, the feelings she felt towards this boy were different. She couldn’t describe how she exactly felt but new that it was different to anything she had felt before. She hadn’t felt this way, or this strongly, for Percy Jackson or any other hero that had washed up on her shores. She certainly hadn’t kissed them, that was for sure!

So as she watched Leo Valdez disappear forever.

Her heart crumbled away a little inside.


oh mygosh i want to hug her even more than i normally do. I liked how we got to see her perspective for the whole Calypso/Leo relationship and it was all very bittersweet and your writing style is very nice and easy to follow. Also hi i am so sorry this has taken so long! Pls send in her link and you’re set to go :)

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Character’s Name: Sarah Rose Waylett
Novel Character or Original: original
Age: 18
Godly Parent  family line: Mercury and Cupid
Person being used to portray this character: Candice Accola
Brief history or personality description of your character (if OC):

Sarah is a very bright young lady, normally smilling and happy, she’s a bubbly character and is ambisious and often does things without thinking and acts on what she believes is right. 
She can hold on grudges and often challanges the leaderly ability if she believes that something else could of been done instead.

Sarah is a very headstrong girl and won’t always take no for an answer, and she won’t let anything happen to her sisters and is a little protective over her younger sister Lilith

Being the legacy of Cupid, Sarah is a flirty girl and will often flirt to either distract you so herself or her sisters can get something thats yours or get you to give her something. 

Give me a para sample of who you RP: (required 20 lines minimum for OCs, 30 lines minimum for canon characters. For more info, check :this: post)


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Deactivation sheet
Character’s name: Jonah. Eros
Reason: Both muses have died.
Will you be coming back? (Y/N) I think not.
Any messages before you leave? It was great fun roleplaying them. Both are really different characters and they helped me developing my skills. Now, my motivation for both muses has died so it’s time to let them go. Plus, Eros is a canon character.


oh no! you wlll be very missed but i’m pretty sure everyone will understand your reasoning. remember you’re welcome back anytime!! 

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PJORP headcanon #1 (The first official one I know of at least, sdhggj okay)

Since the symbol of the forth cohort is a wolf new campers who get assigned to this cohort find themselves dragged out of their comfy beds in the middle of their first night to get “initiated”. To fully understand the importance of their new family the new recruits go through a bonding ritual the only way wolves know how: by howling. But wolves don’t only howl to strengthen the pack, it’s also a way of communication. Some people use birds whistles as a code, the forth has different pitched howls for basic commands like “advance”, “retreat” and “I need backup”. So whenever you find yourself on the battlefield and you suddenly hear howls ripple through he fight: Enemies of the heir forth, beware. 

I Talked to every RPer of the forth about this and everybody agreed, so idk if you admins agree it could be pjorp-canon, no?

Also maybe the MB needs a tag for these kinda headcanons


yes you’re right we probably do need a tag for these type of things but idk what so i’m just gonna leave it here for now and someone else to make one up. i really like this headcanon tho

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Anonymous asked: is it okay to change the sexuality of a book character?

um i’m going to say probably not (but i’m not sure)

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